PODCAST: NBA Playoffs Mayweather Crybabies Jon Jones Beats Himself and Clayton Kershaw Makes Me Cry. LIVE!

..well it was live when I recorded it.

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A wide variety of sports are covered in today’s episode. We start the episode with some NBA playoff talk. We mostly talk about the the Wizards Hawks series and the Clippers Rockets series.

At about 17 minutes we switch to boxing and do the obligatory Mayweather is boring talk but then hopefully we can start shedding some light on some other great fights coming up.

At about 34 minutes the conversation moves to MMA. Jon Jones is cried for but there’s still hope because him falling off the card didn’t ruin it this time! We also talk a little Mark Hunt, Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber.

Then to close the podcast at about the 55 minute mark I lament about Clayton Kershaw. Basically I cry because I might be dealing with his downfall but then I leave a sliver, a shadow an iota of hope.

Podcast boys are girls. Listen at your own risk.