Chaotic Thoughts: The Spurs and Their Future NBA Title


The following is a semi-weekly interview segment with Angelo where from his point of view he’s imparting his sports knowledge and from ours his sports lunacy.

How do you feel about Tim Duncan and what are the chances he gets another ring this year?

Tim Duncan is a nice guy off the court, he’s also a gentleman on the court but is he ??? No he’s actually not hes a wolf in sheeps clothing, a sports gangster on the court. Duncan is the best power forward of all time and he deserves that praise. Tim averaged a dam double double with cheese last year & I think he’s got some left in the tank. Timmy is on a ring mission and I do think he succeeds with these plans. I thought title the year before the Aldridge signing and that they would get back to NBA finals and win the NBA title over the Cavaliers. So of course with the Aldridge & West additions it looks more likely in my eyes, thru most eyes.

What do the odds in the sports book look like and do you think having to play in the much tougher western conference might affect the Spurs?

Las Vegas odds went from like 6-1, 7-1 to 2-1 for spurs to win 2015-2016 title. Cavs are favorites at 5-2 which is almost the same dam thing as 2-1. Spurs to me look like the favorites but the western conference will kill you and make you very dehydrated throughout the season. It’s a tough road and the west playoffs are brutal. The Cavaliers just stroll thru the season and lollygag and skip and hop rounds in the eastern conference. They will be fresh come that finals matchup with the Spurs.

Give us your thoughts on LaMarcus Alderidge. What does he mean to the team? Does he take over completely as the star?

Lets talk LaMarcus Aldridge he’s gonna be 2nd on the team in scoring at the end of season, ppg avg. Kawai I think will lead team in scoring all year and be the nba finals MVP again in 2015-2016. OK so Aldridge was the best free agent on the market and the Spurs got him !!!! He’s a double double machine and he’s hungry for wins, hungry for rings, hungry for stats, titles. The dude is starving for greatness and his new spurs teammates and coaches can help him with that. This is seriously dangerous for the league because he’s finally on a team that can compete every single year deep into the playoffs in the wild wild west and that’s very motivating.

So you’d still stick with Leonard as the MVP of the team in its 2015-16 incarnation?

Kawai Leonard is a superstar and is still the best player on the team, now and for the future. He’s gonna get his and no one can do anything about it. Mr. Leonard hustles big time on both ends of the court. He boards, scores, throws assists or contibutes by guarding the Lebrons of the opposing teams. He can do it all on the court !!!! Coach Pop loves this guy and we all know why……

What about the former two of the big three Manu and Tony? What do they have to add to this equation?

Tony Tony Tony ??? Tony Parker was hurt a bit last year and had a off year obviously. He’s back now and he’s due for a great year. He’s gonna score like 12 to 14 a game but his assists avg should go way up by adding Aldridge in the low block, another year smarter and stronger Leonard, Duncan, Ginobili, Diaw, West, Green, Bonner on the 3 point wing. He’s got plenty of options. Manu came back for the love of the game like Tim and I truly love that. Manu is still a threat, he can still score the rock and he’s crafty, knowledgeable. You want him in the game in the 4th quarter with minutes left on the clock. You go Parker, Ginobili, Leonard, Aldridge, Duncan. Mabye a little Green, Diaw, Mills or West sprinkled around in the closings minutes.

What do you think about the Spur’s bench situation?

That Spurs bench is way legit. It looks like a eastern conference starting lineup, a very good lineup that plays team ball. Dudes could start for 15 teams. 3 or 4 guys could be starters around the association. The Spurs bench will punk other benches all year long, they could dominate at times vs. starting teams from the east. Mabye play with some solids from the west at times. You got Patty Mills who’s way underrated but about to be perfectlyrated by seasons end. Mills can definitely score and run a team effectively off the bench. Diaw has so many great inside moves, he dances around people. He can shoot very well from the outside which opens up the floor, very effective scorer and rebounder. Diaw can do a little of everything coming off the bench. Ginobili off the bench, Bonner, Green, West, etc……

They drafted a big center in Nikola Milutinov in the 1st round and PF Cady Lalanne in 2nd round. I don’t know much about these two players but hey I’m confident in the spurs front office and what they do. They don’t have a war room for the nba draft they have a chillout and relax draft room.

Anything else you want to add about the Spurs, their roster and their championship hopes?

Real quick on David West wow what a free agent signing. West gave up like 11 million dollars to come play with these Spurs, he’s another San Antonio player on a title mission. West can ball and bang bodies all day. He can get double doubles, guard 4s and 5s. He will give Duncan rest at the PF spot give Aldridge rest at times. West is a very talented player and bench gold.

That’s alot of mumbo jumbo I know but I love the Spurs. Scary thing is I can write a bunch more words about this topic but I’ll spare you and everyone else of this knowledge.
Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for winning the 2015-2016 nba finals championship, you guys make me want to play on a team again. You make it look fun watching your games and I know your having fun dominating these geeks.