Houston Rockets: Official Twitter account tweets sore loser stats

Houston Rockets official twitter account had an immediate bad take on James Harden coming in second to Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo in the MVP race. It produced a series of tweets of curated stats in attempt to show their guy was the MVP.

Minutes after The Greek Freak Giannis Antekounmpo won the award for most valuable player of the 2018-2019 NBA year the Rockets official twitter account gave a back handed congratulations and a “respectful disagreement”. It wasn’t taken well by NBA twitter.

Congrats to the new MVP, but we respectfully disagree.

Finished Top 2 in MVP voting 4 out of the last 5 seasons
1st player in NBA history to avg at least 35.0ppg & 7.0apg in a single season
Scored 40+ pts 28 times this season, 50+ 9 times & 60+ twice

Both and Angelo and Chris of chaoticsports think Harden was the MVP and it will be talked about on the podcast this week. The internet informed the Rockets twitter account of how salty the tweet seemed especially with the carefully curated stats in some of the later tweets (like giving stats over a span of 40 games ect). In the below salty response you see the Rockets twitter show a “dating back to 2014-15” stat that is not on topic for the 2018-19 NBA MVP award.


The Rockets and the Bucks were unable to make it to the NBA finals. Both lost to the teams that would represent their respective coasts in the championship series but one player looked like a winner and the other looked like someone that didn’t have what it takes. MVP voting could have been influenced by the perception Harden is a loser and Giannis is an emerging all time great.

Next year this scenario might get magnified. There’s a good chance that the antidote to Giannis and his greatness, Kawhi Leonard, might leave the Raptors and head West. A move like that would give the Bucks near free reign next season in the the Eastern Conference.

The Rockets are getting older and dealing with turmoil within. They might be throwing away their chance at a real run for a championship while the Golden State Warriors will be missing as least one big piece for the majority of the season. (This is a different article but imagine Curry getting the Warriors a 6th seed berth and then Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson show up for the playoffs).

If the 2019-20 season plays out this way for the Rockets and Bucks then this idea of James Harden not deserving MVP honors will feel reinforced. But James Harden is the best player of the 2019-20 even taking into account his defense. At the same time Giannis is a close second, so close that it’s definitely not an upset to give him the trophy. He is deserving of it and 70+ voters agreed by giving him their first place votes no matter if some of the things that influenced the choice should be irrelevant.

That gets us back to the Rockets twitter account. In my time on this Earth I’ve learned to congratulate and move on. I have an opinion but at the same time you have to look forward and try not to diminish people’s accomplishments. Giannis is unlikely to give the Rockets twitter account much time but as fans and as official representations of professional sports teams we should be proud of our opponents and rivals when they win. Players should congratulate and head to the weight room. The Rockets official twitter account just sounded salty. Let them have this today but don’t let them have it tomorrow.

That is the sporting thing to do.

Who do you think should have been crowned MVP? Do you think the perception of the Rockets in the playoffs affected the voting? Let us know on twitter @chaoticsports.