Peyton Manning is Overrated! Lebron James is Underrated! Yeah He’s From Cleveland.


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Peyton Manning is Overrated! Lebron James is Underrated! Yeah He’s From Cleveland.

Our good buddy 10-4, Wayne joins us. I’ll warn you, he’s a Cleveland-ian so like his town’s sports history is as poor as his opinions about sports.

Also he’s narrow minded so we just talk NBA and NFL.

Lo is there too, so is Chris.

Messi is Aggravated with his Fellow Argentines


Messi is getting the feeling that his countrymen believe 2nd place is the first losers and don’t care how well their national team is doing unless it involves bringing a major tournament cup home, something they haven’t haven’t done since 1993.

FourFourTwo quotes him as saying:

“We were lucky enough to get to the final of the World Cup and the Copa America and it seems like we didn’t do anything.

“We got to two finals, for f***’s sake. We didn’t win, what can you do, but we got to the final, we didn’t lose in the last 16.”

Messi is annoyed. Poor guy. He does have a point though, if football fans in Argentina want more effort and Messi is feeling the “weight of the shirt”. It’s hard to put in more effort when you’re already putting in the amount of effort that gets you to two major tournament finals.

For those of us Argentina supporters that appreciate the national team and are familiar with some of the team’s deficiencies (mostly on defense, Argentina has more offensive players than they know what to do with) are begrudgingly happy with the work the team has done.

In the case of the World Cup, Germany is a great team, an entire team of great players. Argentina played an intensely defensively oriented game, they almost made up for that so-so defense by working hard and they did lose in overtime overall the team played well, just without that elusive cup.

The truth is they have come in as the losers over and over during the course of Messi’s national career, the haters won’t go away even if they win a World Cup, they’ll say that Messi only won a single cup. My advice to Messi is to keep playing, keep being the flea, and don’t get discouraged, fans are fans look on the other side of the coin be thankful that you get to play in front of such a passionate base, people will go crazy when the time comes.

Your cups will come.

Fightcast: UFC Underdog Battle Mendes vs Edgar, Oh Yeah That Connor Guy Too



Twitter: @Chrissarda @chaoticsports

We cover a lot of fight fan ground here.


Also my lead in picture is of Nieky Holzken Glory Welterweight Champion because I do what I want around here I guess…?

We also get in the full UFC 194 Card and the Fight Night Card on Thursday. Jesus Christ I talked about a lot of fighters.

Conor Mcgregor, Jose Aldo, Chris Weidman (who I give an open letter to), Luke Rockhold, Jacare, Yoel Romero, Gunnar Nelson, Rose Namajunas, Paige VanZant, Jim Miller, Michael Chiesa, Sage Northcutt and a shit ton more UFC fighters.

Then I try to tell you how fucking cool Glory kickboxing is, and if you guys don’t start watching it and then it becomes hard to find on TV, I will be pissed.

Anyway this is the FIGHTCAST on Chaoticsports and it is fightcentric. Eventually we’ll try to find a separate co-host for this but for now you just get my monotone ass.

The Angelo Is Too Passionate About UNLV Basketball Episode plus Greinke, Warriors, Packers Talk and More

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
Twitter accounts:


Rough topic guide:

Greinke Price and the other free agent pitcher signing

Scott Weiland’s death

Angelo’s passion filled UNLV rant

Steph Curry is that good, oh and so are the Warriors

Kobe vs Peyton

Aaron Rodgers’ prayer to god

Are the Carolina Panthers that good?

Are the Patriots good without Gronk?

PODCAST: NBA PREVIEW Impress Your Friends By the Knowledge You Will Gain


New podcast up. Find us on twitter @chrissarda @chaoticsports


We talk mostly NBA with our normal amount of intelligent/idiotic gibberish.

Who will win the title?

Who will be first seed?
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Royals and Mets: How the World Series Participants Were Built

include_NYM_KC_2298lgwq_v7xhqgpl and MLBPipeline put out a couple of videos at the beginning of the month showing how each playoff team was built.

These are now particularly informative. A lot focus in the MLB has been on youth and the teams that have built themselves into playoff contenders through their farm systems. The Astros and Cubs come to mind when you mention a team built from what they’ve developed in the minor leagues. The Royals and Mets took that idea a step further.
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