GOAT vs GOAT: In the NFL There is No Such Thing

There are lots of places to see goats go at it. You can go to a petting zoo and goats are sure to bumping heads. You can also find them in the wild where you probably don’t want to get too close.

Metaphorically you have an opportunity to see two GOATS go head to head in boxing or MMA. How about the major teams sports. Do GOATS go head to head there? No they don’t, check out the video below to hear why.

Podcast: MLB Tank Tax & Malcolm Butler How Big Was the Benching?

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The Chaotic Sports crew churns out the product even when they’re tired they fake it till they make it. Angelo is back in the saddle after a week of Insane Wayne and apparently too much drunken cussing.

This weeks topics are the typical gibberish that doesn’t get you anywhere but still makes you a better a person.

We bookend chaos and propaganda with talk about Malcolm Butler (even though we tired each other of the subject in a text message thread) the recent Kristaps Porzingis injury and talk about a clever idea posed by JJ Cooper on Baseball America to prevent teams from tanking to win later.