US Women’s National Team: Defeat Spain despite not scoring in open play

The US Women’s team were able to get by Spain’s hard hitting women’s team to advance to the round of 8 without scoring in open play.

The US women played well enough but they were challenged for the first time in the FIFA Women’s World Cup (#FIFAWWC2019) against a young group of Spaniard women who could score in open play. Winning on PKs in regular time seems cheap but it is still a win.

Megan Rapinoe scored both goals in penalty kick situations for Team USA in the 7th and 76th minutes. Jennifer Hermoso answered the first penalty score in the 9th minute tying the match and sending Team USA into the locker room without the lead for the first time in the 2019 World Cup.

There is much to be happy about if you’re a Team USA fan. Despite being challenged the number one ranked team in women’s soccer still came out ahead. Spain was being allowed to play hard, much of the contact would have resulted in fouls and yellow cards in other situations. Alex Morgan had it the toughest:

“We haven’t been tested like this in awhile.”

But when awarded penalty kicks Team USA converted and didn’t bow to the pressure. Soccer is unfair and Spain will be back and better team in the next World Cup. It was clear to us at Chaotic Sports that the referee was taking “let them play” to an extreme level.

But Spain isn’t France. And Spain isn’t Germany. And Spain isn’t England, Canada or Japan. Fans should be excited that Team USA didn’t play their best but played their toughest against a decent opponent. Now it’s time to make adjustments and get ready for what will be considered the actual championship of the 2019 World Cup (no offense Germany) versus France.

France was tested as well in their first playoff game. Brazil took the World Cup favorites to the brink on Sunday. To my eyes, playing much better and with more passion than the home team. Spain and Brazil go home with no shame. They stood in front of the two favorites to win the tournament and didn’t blink. Now those two favorites face each other on Friday 6/28 3pm EST/12pm PST and they are better teams because of those tests.

Who will win between France and USA in the Women’s World Cup? How crucial were the tests both had to face in the round of 16?

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